Nursing Tops

You wouldn’t go to the beach without a bathing suit so you shouldn’t get caught trying to breastfeed baby in shirts that aren’t meant for nursing!

At Udderly Hot Mama, we have perfected our designs with you, the new hot mama, in mind.

We know that you just spent nine months getting bigger and bigger. Now you have a BABY! You’re probably not sleeping very much. You are really working hard to get the hang of this breastfeeding thing. And chances are, you’re feeling slightly (if not completely) overwhelmed.

We’ve been there. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our nursing tops may not be able to bring you dinner but they will certainly improve the process of breastfeeding for you. Our unique removable panel provides extra coverage on the top of your breast as you feed your baby. People won’t even realize you’re nursing in public!

Now you’ll be able to get dressed in the morning (or middle of the night) and know that not only do you look super cute, but you’ll also have easy access for nursing in your breastfeeding shirt. And get this: no one will even know that your adorable top can be used for nursing!

Each one of our tops pulls down for feeding. This fabulous feature means you’ll only ever need to expose one breast at a time while nursing. If you mix pumping in with nursing, you’ll love that you can also easily open up your shirt for a dual breast pump as well.

What’s also great is that thanks to our exclusive design your tummy and back will stay hidden at all times. You’ll never again find yourself backed up against the wall hoping to hide your exposed skin while you nurse. No one puts (you and) baby in the corner!

We know that some moms breastfeed for six weeks while others nurse for six months or two years plus. Every woman is different. But where moms are alike is that you want superior quality and functionality in your nursing top – something Udderly Hot Mama strives for with our products.

Whether you choose to nurse for a short or extended period of time, you’ll love the quick access and stylish designs. What’s more, once baby is weaned, you can easily take the patent-pending removable flap off your nursing top. Then just continue to wear Udderly Hot Mama as part of your everyday wardrobe. Your friends will compliment you on your cute shirt and never know it was once a nursing top!

Nursing Tops