We want to make choosing the best nursing garment for you as easy as possible. Shopping online for your postpartum figure can be confusing. We've tried to make it really easy for you. Each garment has a detailed size chart so you can make sure you purchase the perfect size for you!

Read on for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How do I breastfeed in an Udderly Hot Mama nursing top or dress?

A. It's really simple! All our tops pull down or open up from the neckline. Our special inside panel sits on your breastbone so when your breast is exposed and baby is eating, your chest and tummy are both still covered. When baby is weaned, you can take out the flap and add your top to your everyday wardrobe. To breastfeed in our Infinity Nursing Scarf, simply drape the scarf over yourself and baby!

Q. What size should I get?

A. If you're buying nursing apparel right after you've given birth, you're probably about the size you wore at 5 months pregnant. If you've waited a bit longer to purchase a breastfeeding top or dress, and you've started to regain your pre-pregnancy shape, stick with the size you typically wore before you got pregnant. Our garments are stretchy too, so you'll have a little give in order to make breastfeeding easier. Every garment has a detailed size chart next to it. Make sure to measure yourself to ensure a perfect fit!

Q. How does your sizing work? 

A. We only want you to feel beautiful in Udderly Hot Mama, so you'll only ever wear a size 1 through 4 after having a baby :).

Q. I do love being a size 1...but how will that fit me?

A. Size 1 will fit like a small (4/6). Size 2 will fit like a medium(6/8). Size 3 will fit like a large(10/12). Size 4 will fit like an extra large(12/14). Our clothes tend to run on the roomier side. Make sure to follow our detailed size chart for each garment to make sure you buy the perfect size for you.

Q. What is the best way to care for the garment?

A. All Udderly Hot Mama garments are made from a rayon/spandex blend which is very soft and stretchy. It's best to hand wash the garments or wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang them to dry.

Q. What are the shipping costs for me?

A. We are excited to offer Free Shipping on all orders in the U.S.A. 

Q. Do you ship outside the U.S.A.?

A. Yes! Although we are only able to offer free shipping within the U.S. 

Q. How do return and exchanges work?

A. For our detailed return policy, please click here. In general, we are happy to accommodate your needs as best we can. If you've ordered the wrong size, we'll happily exchange it to the correct one, if we have it in stock. If you've changed your mind about a garment, we'll accept it as long as it is still in perfect condition and you've notified us ahead of time.

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