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Stylish, Affordable and Very Comfortable

Being part of a list of best places to find breastfeeding clothes makes us so happy! Here is what Katie had to say: "I was recently introduced to this line, and I love it. The outfits are stylish, affordable, and very comfortable. I was sent the Chic Cowl Nursing Dress in black lace, which I really loved. I paired it with a pair of colored tights, and it was very easy to discretely nurse in! I really liked how it was flattering everywhere. I love all the other items as well. They have everything from shirts, to dresses, to pumping shirts. There’s really something for everyone." Read it all here: http://www.clarkscondensed.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/baby/breastfeeding/best-breastfeeding-clothes-tips/

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Be A Hot Mama in Udderly Hot Mama

A Trendy Tank Nursing Top has the power to make breastfeeding much more glamorous. Leah of Kelly's Thoughts On Things recently reviewed the Tank Top in Heather Gray and it made her feel good again. Here's some of what she said: "Many nursing shirts/dresses look hideous *like I am wearing a Mu Mu*. Thankfully, Udderly Hot Mama® Nursing and Pumping Wear has a clothing line that you can feel good and look good in too...Udderly Hot Mama makes me feel confident with my postpartum sag and has all the convenience of nursing wear without looking like my grandma was wearing it to bed." Thanks Leah! Read the full post: http://kellysthoughtsonthings.com/hot-mama-udderly-hot-mama-nursing-pumping-wear/

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Helpful Products

With Breastfeeding Month upon us, Parent Guide News has come up with a list for new mamas to prepare for successful breastfeeding by stocking up on these helpful products. And...our nursing wear is on the list! See the story here: http://www.parentguidenews.com/Columns/Womom/AugustisBreastfeedingMonth#3

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Meeting All The Must-Haves

Mamas in Houston are all about breastfeeding. We know that moms want to feel good about themselves at a time when things can be super overwhelming. So we strive to do everything to make sure each mama is happy. Zoe with Bayou City Mamas wrote an amazing review for us of our Chic Cowl Nursing Top. Here's some of what she thought: "What I hope that you take away from my review is that Udderly Hot Mama has options that make you feel like a million bucks while taking care of your littles. Both shirts I tried were very well made (the extra flap for extra modesty has multiple real buttons to hold it on instead of the typical flimsy...

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A Genius Breastfeeding Product for Nursing Mamas

Nicole of Our Family World says that Udderly Hot Mama nursing and pumping wear is among the top 5 genius breastfeeding products for nursing mamas. And we agree! Here are some of her thoughts on our Chic Cowl Nursing Dress: "I love the nursing dress. It’s so stylish and comfy, yet completely functional." Thanks Nicole! Read the full post: http://www.ourfamilyworld.com/2016/08/10/breastfeeding-products-success/  

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