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A Must-Have In The Fashion World

Our clothes have been named must-haves in the fashion world by Things That Make People Go Aww! We totally agree ;) Moms deserve to have fashionable clothes that also makes breastfeeding and pumping a breeze, even on the go! Read the full post here:

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Chic Cowl Nursing Dress is a Great Product

Our Chic Cowl Nursing Dress was featured on The Simple Moms. Here's what the reviewer said: "I love this beautiful dress! I’ve worn it for date nights and just casual summer days, and it makes nursing so easy while we are out and about! It does not look anything like what you would think of a nursing dress, as you can’t see any lines or nursing openings!" Read the full post here:

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Great Nursing Product!

We all know how much chaos comes along with becoming a parent. And we love what Balancing the Chaos blog had to say about our Chic Cowl Nursing Dress! "This adorable dress is something I wish was around when I was breastfeeding. A flattering cowl neck dress that makes breasfeeding and pumping super easy." Read the full post here:

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Helps Through The Challenges of Breastfeeding

We love learning all about baby from this site. Now, they've reviewed our nursing wear...and they love it! Here is what reviewer Jamie had to say about how our products help new mamas through the challenges of breastfeeding: "Nursing clothes are far from frumpy. Check out this sophisticated Whimsical Wrap Nursing Dress for the breastfeeding mama who wants to dress up and nurse discreetly and pump with ease." Here's a link to the full story:

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Helpful Products

With Breastfeeding Month upon us, Parent Guide News has come up with a list for new mamas to prepare for successful breastfeeding by stocking up on these helpful products. And...our nursing wear is on the list! See the story here:

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