Meeting All The Must-Haves

Mamas in Houston are all about breastfeeding. We know that moms want to feel good about themselves at a time when things can be super overwhelming. So we strive to do everything to make sure each mama is happy.

Zoe with Bayou City Mamas wrote an amazing review for us of our Chic Cowl Nursing Top. Here's some of what she thought:

"What I hope that you take away from my review is that Udderly Hot Mama has options that make you feel like a million bucks while taking care of your littles. Both shirts I tried were very well made (the extra flap for extra modesty has multiple real buttons to hold it on instead of the typical flimsy snap things that fall apart after one use), super soft, and the customer service was great. I will be purchasing more of these tops and am looking for a reason to need one of the cute dresses!"

Chic Cowl Nursing Top in Heather Gray

Read her whole review here:!Udderly-Hot-Mama/he72l/57a8b0920cf25744c57eb6ff