Udderly Hot Mama top reviewed by AroundTheWorldToTheLeft.com

Here's an excerpt what SAHM blogger Quin Frieder had to say about Udderly Hot Mama in her blog Around The World To The Left:

“The “Sassy” in this scoop neck is the fact that you can pull the scoop neck almost to your bellybutton, which for nursing is perfect. And, there’s a “collar” of sorts inside that covers your chest when you pull the scoop neck down to nurse. No ridiculous obscenity laws can apply to you!

Though I don’t wear super low rise jeans (seriously, no one wants to see that. I’m 36.) I appreciate the length of the shirt. With all of the bending and twisting I do, the shirt stayed in place and there was enough room in the shirt that if I had felt self conscious about my midsection, it would not have been an issue.”

Thanks Quin!

Click here to read the full article: http://aroundtheworldtotheleft.com/2013/04/product-review-udderly-hot-mamas-sassy-scoop-neck/

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