A to Z for Moms Like Me: Udderly Hot Mama Review

Here’s an excerpt of what JoDee of A to Z for Moms Like Me had to say about Udderly Hot Mama nursing tops:

Why is it that every time I’m pregnant or nursing the stores only carry the ugly reject clothing that no stylish woman would consider wearing (but are forced to in order to make life easier) ?!?

Have you had this happen to you too?  Well no more! Udderly Hot Mama has some of the cutest clothes designed specifically for nursing moms!  They sent me a top to review, here’s what I thought-

This top is super cute on!  The shoulders are so different from any shirt I’ve ever worn, their uniqueness is really cool.  The front is loose enough to nurse, but not so much so that you’re in danger of exposing the world to your “blessings”.  The fabric is light weight and stretchy so the fit and use is even better…This shirt doesn’t shout “NURSING TOP” either!  In fact, the design is such that no one would even know it was a nursing top.  I’m loving it!


Thank you JoDee!


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