Nursing Friendly Without Sacrificing Style

The Red Closet Diary is a sophisticated fashion blog by the gorgeous Jalynn. She has an adorable little one who dresses just as beautifully as her mama! Jalynn styled our Whimsical Wrap Nursing Top and it seriously looks like it fell out of the pages of Vogue!

Here's what she says about Udderly Hot Mama:

"I have had so many people email me, or comment on my social media asking where they can find nursing friendly tops. I had NO idea. This is my first time nursing and quite honestly I haven't left the house much so I haven't had to worry about what I wear and if I can nurse in it. I was SO excited to find Udderly Hot Mama!! This is my first real life nursing top! So, you will be seeing me wear it probably more than I should! :)
I know I am not showing the whole top so make sure to go check it out on their site. I love how long it is, and I love that I can incorporate it into my outfits to fit my style like above! I tied the wrap just above the skirt and I LOVE how it looks. It added such a fun element to the outfit! Who says you can't be cute and still be able to nurse at the same time?! Not me!"
The Red Closet Diary Styles Udderly Hot Mama