Real Mama Reviews

Mom's More Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public!

"I love both my Swanky Snap Front and Luxe Long Sleeve nursing shirts from Udderly Hot Mama!  They are easy to use for breastfeeding and stylish too!  I'm so much more comfortable feeding in public when I'm wearing one of these shirts.  I will definitely be recommending these shirts to my mommy friends. 
Also, the customer service is phenomenal!!  It's so nice to deal with a company that truly wants happy customers."
- Lindsey B., Alberta, Canada

A Defined Waist

"I got the wrap shirt and love the stylish, slimming fit! Really gives me a waist again after 9 months of not having one! :-)" 

- Becky B., Pennsylvania

Doesn't Look Like A Nursing Top!

"I love that my top doesn't look like a nursing top and I can maneuver it with one hand. Karson loves that he can pull it down for access whenever he wants lol"

- Jodi M., Florida

Check out this Udderly Hot Mama in her Sassy Scoop Nursing Tank! Jodi lives in Florida with her husband, 2 kids and 4 dogs. Kaitlyn is 4.5 and Karson is 7 months. 






Making Things Easier with Udderly Hot Mama

LOVE this shirt.  Prior to getting this shirt it used to be an endless roller coaster of trying to feed my baby, cover myself up and sweating profusely to try to do both with class and dignity. This makes things SOOOO much easier.

- Marni V., California

Great customer service

I am so impressed with your company and your customer service. Will definitely be recommending Udderly Hot Mama to my sister and other mama friends. 
- Lauren B., Illinois

Easy access on-the-go!

Breastfeeding was a daunting process when my son Oliver arrived. One of the hardest parts? Finding comfortable clothes that provided easy on-the-go access without sacrificing my sense of style. Thanks to Udderly Hot Mama I got both! Their tops are not only super soft, but also echo hot off-the-runway fashions. Thanks again for being an answer to this clotheshorse's prayer ;) 

- Alison S., California


These make great shower gifts

Udderly Hot Mama is a great place to shop for baby shower gifts. The shirts are unique and make a great present and the moms-to-be love it.

- Jodi F., Oregon

So happy!

“I love my Udderly Hot Mama nursing top! I can wear it anywhere, it can easily be dressed up or dressed down and is perfect for easy discreet nursing while I am out!”

– Lisa W., Texas

I recommend these tops to all the nursing Mamas

I love my SASSY SCOOP neck – and so does my little Sammy…it’s a super cute black top that I would wear REGARDLESS of nursing! This top makes those uncomfortable public feedings a LOT more discreet – I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I recommend these tops to all the nursing Mamas out there that I know…

-- Adena F., Arizona

Love the top!

I love the nursing top I got from Udderly Hot Mama. It works great when I breastfed because the fabric didn’t stretch and it is very stylish so I felt pretty wearing it. Every new mom needs to feel that way. Thanks Udderly Hot Mama!

- Jenny B., Arizona

My top fits so well and I love it

I delivered our baby 6 weeks ago and am committed to nursing. I recently received my Chic Cowl neck top and LOVE it! It fits so well and makes me feel like I’m wearing something cute and fashionable (finally!) after months of frumpy maternity clothes. I love the thoughtful details like the gathered sleeves. Thank you SO MUCH for making well fitting, fashionable tops for nursing moms!

- Melissa S., Pennsylvania

Great idea

This is SUCH a simple, great idea! I will share this with the nursing moms I meet through my own business, but really wish they had had this when I was nursing!

Kathleen Noble, Arizona