Top 10 Reasons It’s Awesome To Be A Mom (Sort Of)

Mom and baby

Being a parent is a magical thing. It's also a really overwhelming undertaking. Like, if you're a breastfeeding mom, for example. At first it can be so painful and tough that you almost want to give up. But eventually, often with help, perseverance and patience, nursing can become an enjoyable thing you share with your little one. 

We've compiled a (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) list of the top reasons being a mama is cool. Tell us what you'd add to the list below in the comments!

  1. It’s so cool to have a mini me. Imagine holding someone who looks like you or your baby’s daddy. If you've never had anyone in your family look like you, this can be an especially amazing feeling.

  2. You never have to feel lonely in the bathroom ever again. Because, you know, going to the bathroom with the door shut is way overrated. The kids always find you.

  3. In fact, you’ll never feel lonely anywhere ever again. Even when you’re alone, you may have a momentary panic about where your baby is…then you’ll realize she didn’t come to the bar with you and your girlfriends on mom's night out.

  4. Your perspective on what constitutes clean clothing can change. A little bit of spit up on your shoulder? Nah, that doesn’t really warrant putting on a new top.

  5. You no longer take sleeping in for granted. Remember when Saturday meant no alarm clock? Forgetaboutit. You'll be up when your kid is up. And sometimes, you'll get up before them just to check that they're still breathing.

  6. You learn quickly that you are a super-responsible adult. Who knew, right?! Now you’re taking care of another living, breathing being who relies on you for absolutely everything. And you’re doing a great job…well, as great a job as you can on little to no sleep.

  7. If you love dressing up, you’ll adore dressing baby up and taking pictures even more. There’s a life-size doll in your midst that is seriously the cutest person in the land and you get to take pictures of her in this tutu and that itty bitty bikini.

  8. You get your very own birth (or adoption) story to share. All moms remember every single spec of detail about the way their child came into the world and they can’t wait to share it with you, the mailman, the guy bagging their groceries, anyone willing to listen, really. No gory part is to be omitted in the retelling either.

  9. You finally get what all your friends who are parents are talking about. You are no longer on the outside of the mom club. You, too, now have anecdotes to share that receive chuckles and nods. Isn’t it great to bring something to the conversation now?

  10. You will never experience a deeper more devoted love to another human being. Yes, you love your dog. It's not the same.

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