The Best Smell In the Entire World

baby and mom bonding
There is seriously nothing better than kissing your baby. But the kiss needs to have a huge inhale with it, right?Ever wonder why your baby smells so irresistible?

Turns out, it's nature's way of making you and your little sweetie bond. Experts say that because baby doesn't do much more than eat, sleep and poop in the beginning, having such a desirable scent (one that triggers the same response of rewarding feelings as food) is actually kind of a reward for mom...until baby can do things like smile at you, coo and giggle, and really steal your heart forever.

What creates that irresistible scent is not entirely clear yet. Authorities on the matter say the causes could possibly be chemical secretions from baby's sweat glands or even a lingering scent from the waxy coating called vernix that baby's born in.

And get this: before women become moms, they might not really be that into the smell of babies at all. It's likely a change that occurs in pregnancy that causes you to believe baby is the most scent-sational thing around.

Whatever the cause though, mother nature is doing her best to make mama and baby intertwined from the get-go. That smell may even help facilitate the unbreakable link that mom and baby develop during their breastfeeding journey too.

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