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Top 5 Reasons To Fly With Your Breastfed Baby

Flying with baby doesn't have to be scary. We've got some tips to help make it an easier trip! 1. Airports often give preferential treatment to families with little ones when you have to line up to go through the metal detector. You’ll push your stroller past an hour-long queue and walk right through! These designated lines aren’t always obvious, so be sure to ask someone if you’re eligible to be fast-tracked to the gate. 2. Flight attendants know that traveling with a baby can be challenging and they are there to assist you. If you need to go to the bathroom, chances are, one of them will gladly hold your precious cargo. They may even periodically check in with...

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8 Tips To Help You Stop Dreading Travel With Baby

Traveling with baby in general, sucks. You're in an airplane, a car or a train. He's not pleased to be so confined and why did you take away his high chair and his crib? You're likely on the verge of complete exasperation. Don't fret. We're here to give you some great tips about traveling with baby. One thing to note is that if your little one is breastfeeding, you've got it easier than the mama who's lugging bottles and formula with her. So revel in that for a second. 1. It's true that sometimes a road trip to Grandma's house might take as much out of you as a flight to Italy to see the leaning tower in Pisa. Seems silly,...

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Heading on a trip with baby? Read this.

The first time I flew with my daughter, I was nervous. Not about the plane ride itself, but about how she'd behave. Luckily she was an absolute angel because she nursed and slept. Every trip after that, I knew breastfeeding would be my savior. Once I weaned her though, I was having sleepless nights before our first trip with bottles. We made it, thanks to a lot of preparation on my part! Before you venture onto an airplane with your little one, READ THIS on Healthy Baby Network. And remember, to ensure that breastfeeding is as easy and discreet as possible on an airplane, or any trip for that matter, wear nursing tops! The information contained on this site should not be...

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