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Apparently Sleep Deprivation is a Widespread Problem

Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People are getting less sleep than ever before due to a variety of factors including demanding work schedules and access to technology. A lack of sleep can result in serious impairment: forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, and difficulty staying awake while driving or operating machinery. Which then begs the question, imagine how an already sleep-deprived person feels when all of a sudden they become a mom?!?! SLEEP AND MOTHERHOOD Sleep deprivation is especially rampant among new moms. If only mamas could follow the National Sleep Foundation’s suggestion for a better night's rest: get into bed the same time every night and rise at the same time each morning. Ha!...

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To watch a video monitor

There's nothing quite like the thrill of watching your baby on her monitor. You know for sure when she's asleep and awake. You watch as she's practicing words like Mama, Dadda, Up and Down. You also know when she is just not going to sleep anymore because she's screaming at the top of her lungs for you to come get her. Some parents prefer to get just an audio monitor. This way, they contend, they know when baby is up or sleeping but they don't need to see into baby's room. The Angelcare monitor, for instance, can even alert you if baby stops breathing, no video necessary. After being able to peer into the crib from across the house, I, for...

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