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Frustrated By Nursing? You're Not Alone

You know you're feeding your baby with exactly the right amount of nutrition that she needs when you breastfeed her. The trouble is, that isn't always enough to get you through the tough times. Once you and baby get into the swing of things -- she cries, you come, she feeds, everyone's happy -- you feel a sense of accomplishment. And rightfully so! Your sore, bleeding nipples, the sleepless nights, etc, are a testament to your tenacity, your absolute unwavering determination to make nursing happen. But then breastfeeding becomes habit. Sometimes a habit, unfortunately, can get in the way of things. For example, now that you're not spending time focusing on making sure nursing and pumping are going perfectly well (since...

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The Biggest Let Down

Let down. The phrase sounds like something that happens slowly and gently so as not to upset you too much, right? But if you’re a breastfeeding or pumping mama, you know that you don’t actually get let down in a calm way. In fact, your milk can let down in a matter of seconds and disturb you terribly! THE CRYING BABY Ever heard a baby cry (it might not even be your baby) and your milk lets down? You’re certainly not the only one. Even if you're wearing a nursing top, you may not be fast enough to catch it. Your body is actually programed to do that!! Isn’t it crazy to think that nature may have wanted you to...

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Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

It's World Breastfeeding Week and the start of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. But unlike a month designated to bring attention to an illness and its prevention or treatment, breastfeeding is really something to be celebrated. We nursing mamas spend weeks and even years nourishing our little ones, and that certainly deserves a pat on the back. BE PROUD A mom's breastfeeding journey is as individual as her newborn baby. She may choose to nurse exclusively or supplement with formula. She may nurse for six weeks or six months. Whatever amount of time mom nurses baby for is just right for her. It's time to be proud of yourself for making sure your baby is growing and thriving. The majority of moms are...

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Another baby? Oh yes!

Actress Tori Spelling is a mom of 4 beautiful kids and she knows about breastfeeding!   The information contained on this site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician and/or lactation consultant. Udderly Hot Mama is proud to design and sell stylish, easy and discreet nursing tops and pumping shirts for new mamas everywhere.

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Underwire Nursing Bras: Dispelling The Myths

It’s late at night and all of a sudden you’re overcome by a worry. Welcome to motherhood! But we digress… You realize that you need to buy nursing bras, or worse, you’ve already bought them and they have underwire inside. But now, you’re second guessing your purchase and wondering if it’s safe to wear your new, strategic lingerie. Then you think, well, would all these companies sell underwire nursing bras if they weren’t safe? One would hope, amiright?!?! Unlike buying stylish nursing tops and pumping shirts, purchasing nursing bras requires much more diligence on mom's part. MILK PRODUCTION So far, there’s no hard proof to suggest that wearing underwire will inhibit milk production – but that’s something you’ve probably heard....

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