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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Nursing Wear Now

Breastfeeding has you up around the clock. You’re probably sleepier than you’ve ever been in your life now. (Who would’ve thought that those all-nighters in college would be poor preparation for parenthood?) That whole sleep when the baby sleeps adage doesn’t seem to factor in that someone has to do housework and make meals etc. You could be bordering on mombie…(mom+zombie). It’s fair to assume that you’ve got all the baby gear your friends and family members have recommended (and more…) So now, it’s time to get some breastfeeding clothes for yourself.   Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Nursing Wear: It will help simplify your life a little bit. Nursing wear is specifically designed for you...

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Pets are practice kids

Dogs and cats are often called starter children. They provide pet parents with unconditional love like a child would. They also require attention, food, water and medical care. Pets are a lot of responsibility, especially if you’ve never been able to keep a plant alive prior to getting your pooch or kitty.  For me, having my dog took me a step further in preparation for becoming a parent to a human baby. My husband and I had a bit of a backward beginning to our relationship. We dated for several months, he moved in and we got engaged. Then about 10 months later, he moved out and began school across the country. We lived on opposite coasts for the first...

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Celeb moms breastfeed too

Angelina Jolie did it. Kourtney Kardashian did it. So does Halle Berry. “Every mother should breastfeed,” she recently told Extra. “It's the quickest way to shed the initial weight, and then you have to eat right.” When it comes to breastfeeding, celebrity moms are just like us. In her Blog for People.com, Ali Landry (a fan of Udderly Hot Mama) called nursing “one of the most amazing experiences” for her. “When people talk about breastfeeding, they’ll tell you about what a great bonding experience it is, how it’s the best way to make sure your baby gets the nutrition they need and antibodies to protect them. They’ll even tell you about how it helps you lose weight after giving birth....

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