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Mom Confession: 10 Reasons Why I Feel Guilty (in no particular order)

1. My 2.5 year old watches TV and movies every single day. A lot of the time, I suggest we watch something because then I know she’ll sit in one place and give me time to take care of my infant. At first, I put her in front of the TV to watch Sesame Street videos because I was very ill from my pregnancy. I made myself feel better by telling myself it was educational. But how educational is “Despicable Me” or “Frozen”? Not.2. I don’t always use baby wipes when my kids pee in their diapers. I heard from a doctor friend of mine that it’s ok to do that but sometimes I feel like maybe I should clean...

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Dangers Lurking at Home

After a marathon breastfeeding session, you are bound to be exhausted. The act alone is soporific. But the feeling of release and the sheer exhaustion from no longer sleeping through the night combine to make post-breastfeeding time ideal for a nap. But is it safe to cuddle with your newborn during this nap? He's all curled up on your chest like a little frog. He smells so yummy. His shallow breaths are lulling you into dreamland. Would it be so bad if you just close your eyes for a bit?Some parents would likely tell you to go for it and take a nap with baby. Others would warn you about smothering and advise against it. For me, I'm so hyper aware of...

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The Evolution of Disney's Fairy Tales

Do you want to build a snowman?That lyric has been running through my mind all day, nay, all week at this point. But I actually don't mind. I'm so impressed with Disney's Frozen and its message, that it has led me to really think long and hard about all the other fairy tale movies I grew up on and do some picking apart of the classics.  Until I re-watched Peter Pan a few months back, I thought of it fondly. The lost boys singing we're following the leader, Peter, Wendy and her brothers flying about, justice aka a crocodile prevailing over the bad Captain Hook. Watching it through adult eyes in 2014 however, it has left a very bad taste in...

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World's Toughest Job, Indeed

I haven’t been able to get this video out of my head: It has struck such a chord with me. Being a mom is the most undervalued job there is. But I have to say that I struggle with calling it a job. A job is something you must be trained to do, even if it simply involves a co-worker spending a couple of days taking you through the computer system and telling you to avoid the turkey sandwich from the vending machine. When a woman becomes a mom, if she’s lucky she has other moms around her to help out at first, but there’s no employee handbook or infant manual that tells her exactly what protocols to follow and...

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Happy Mother's Day to All Moms

It’s the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day and boy do we have a lot to celebrate. The woman who raised you deserves a lot of kudos, don't you think? In his 1914 Presidential Proclamation, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an officially recognized holiday in the U.S. Although the day has become more commercialized than officially intended, the basic tenets still remain. It’s a day for busy adults to stop and reflect on the importance of their mom in their lives. It’s a day for children to show their affection and appreciation through fun art projects and breakfast in bed. Is it sad that one needs a designated day to remember to recognize mom for all she does? Some might say yes. But it...

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