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The Trouble With That Latch

After laboring for 26 hours and pushing for another 3 hours, the doctor puts baby to your chest and she starts to nurse. Or not. We as a society seem to think that breastfeeding is this thing that every mother can do, but some just choose not to. That’s not entirely true. Some moms intend to breastfeed but for varied reasons, they are not able to. A big one is the latch. TROUBLE LATCHING Getting baby to latch correctly is no small feat. There could be any number of impediments to a good latch. Here are just 4 of them. Tongue-tie. If the membrane called the frenulum that attaches from the underside of the tongue to baby’s mouth is too tight, it...

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Breastfeeding Can Be Done!

So many moms try to breastfeed their newborns but for various reasons, they can't. We hear a lot that many moms just don't make enough milk. Did you know that if any placenta is left in mom's body that milk production may be halted? Did you know that if mom has had chest surgery in her youth, nerve damage could be the culprit? We hear a lot that many babies can't seem to latch correctly. Did you know that sometimes baby has a tongue tie or a lip tie preventing the latch? Did you know that sometimes mom's nipples need to elongate more to improve the latch? It's times like these that a woman needs to seek out extra help....

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