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Taking Newborn Pics is Not an Easy Feat

When I had my first baby, my head was in a fog. I'd been pumped full of all sorts of drugs and was taking more narcotics (legal of course) for post c section pain. The few moms I knew at the time had recommended I set up a photoshoot ahead of time so that I could get the perfect newborn photos of my little girl. But I was so superstitious that I refused to tempt fate with such a plan and then once she came, I didn't have the wherewithal to make any commitments at all.  (Photo by His and Her Photo) So alas, there are no professional photos of my daughter as a newborn. That's not to say there...

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Happy Labor Day

(Wo)man plans, God laughs. And boy did I get laughed at. With my first baby, I had planned on a vaginal delivery. Sure, I wanted the epidural to be started in the parking lot, but I actually did wait about 4 hours into contractions before asking the anesthesiologist for relief. But alas, my daughter wasn’t coming, even with Pitocin. The uterine contractions ended up making her heart rate drop to a dangerous low and I was wheeled into the operating room for emergency surgery. So for child No. 2, I was conflicted, at first. Do I have a repeat c section or do I try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)? My first inclination was to opt for a...

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