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Another baby? Oh yes!

Actress Tori Spelling is a mom of 4 beautiful kids and she knows about breastfeeding!   The information contained on this site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician and/or lactation consultant. Udderly Hot Mama is proud to design and sell stylish, easy and discreet nursing tops and pumping shirts for new mamas everywhere.

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Underwire Nursing Bras: Dispelling The Myths

It’s late at night and all of a sudden you’re overcome by a worry. Welcome to motherhood! But we digress… You realize that you need to buy nursing bras, or worse, you’ve already bought them and they have underwire inside. But now, you’re second guessing your purchase and wondering if it’s safe to wear your new, strategic lingerie. Then you think, well, would all these companies sell underwire nursing bras if they weren’t safe? One would hope, amiright?!?! Unlike buying stylish nursing tops and pumping shirts, purchasing nursing bras requires much more diligence on mom's part. MILK PRODUCTION So far, there’s no hard proof to suggest that wearing underwire will inhibit milk production – but that’s something you’ve probably heard....

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Supply and Demand Breastfeeding

Supply and demand is a phrase you probably heard about in your high school business class. If there’s ample supply, and demand drops, you’re left with too much. But if you’ve got little supply and a ton of demand, you can raise your prices and make boatloads of money. But with breastfeeding, supply and demand doesn’t exactly work in the same way. As soon as baby is born, mom’s milk supply will be based on a supply and demand system in that the amount of new milk she makes depends on how much milk is excreted from her breast (by nursing or pumping).  FREQUENCY COUNTS The key is to breastfeed a lot in the beginning. The frequency of breastfeeding in...

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