Can I Still Have My Morning Coffee If I'm Breastfeeding?

caffeine intake and breastfeeding

Can you drink coffee if you're breastfeeding?

In a word, yes. But...

The smell of coffee has been known to help even the tiredest of people drag their body out of bed in the morning. The jolt that caffeine offers when you put your steaming mug to your lips is like a promise that everything will be ok. 

Of course, when you’re pregnant, coffee can sometimes seem like the grossest drink around. Even if you’re not experiencing a complete disdain for that cup of joe when you’re with child, you may still be avoiding caffeine entirely and therefore no coffee goes down your gullet for nearly nine months.

Then you have a baby and what you thought being tired meant is a joke compared to what you’re feeling now. So you reach for your favorite vanilla flavored pod…but wait… is that ok?


Experts say moderation is key. Drinking a small amount coffee (one or two cups) is typically just fine. But it's important to note that preemies and babies under six months may be more susceptible to the effects of caffeine since they can't metabolize it as easily as older babies. 

A recent study in the medical journal Pediatrics found that there was no correlation between the sleep habits of little ones and their mamas’ caffeine intake during pregnancy and while nursing.


That said, drinking two or more cups a day is usually a no-no. Caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate you at a time when you need to keep hydrated. You're making milk, after all.

Another thing to remember is that even you’re only having one cup of java in the morning, if you then have a candy bar and two cans of Coke, you’re going to really overdo it in the caffeine department.

Here’s a quick guide for common foods and beverages and what amount of caffeine they contain.

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