The Top 5 Reasons You Need Nursing Wear Now

Breastfeeding has you up around the clock. You’re probably sleepier than you’ve ever been in your life now. (Who would’ve thought that those all-nighters in college would be poor preparation for parenthood?) That whole sleep when the baby sleeps adage doesn’t seem to factor in that someone has to do housework and make meals etc. You could be bordering on mombie…(mom+zombie).

It’s fair to assume that you’ve got all the baby gear your friends and family members have recommended (and more…) So now, it’s time to get some breastfeeding clothes for yourself.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Nursing Wear:

  1. It will help simplify your life a little bit. Nursing wear is specifically designed for you to nurse in. You'll find it much easier to nurse anywhere than if you were wearing any old shirt.
  1. There’s no need to layer up. Talk about helping the laundry to pile up! Ever hear a friend say, ‘oh I just wore two tank tops over my nursing bra and pulled one up and the other down and it was fine.’ Yeah. That's not fine. You have enough on your mind. Why should you have to remember to pull this way and that just to find your breast?
  1. You deserve to feel stylish. After you start losing baby weight, you want to start wearing cute clothes again. Sadly, what you owned pre pregnancy doesn't work for breastfeeding, does it? That gorgeous Peter Pan collar? Forgetaboutit A turtle neck? Notsomuch. But there are amazing options of nursing wear that are on trend and work great for breastfeeding. It's a win win.
  1. It’s time for you to feel confident while breastfeeding, even in public. Wearing nursing tops and pumping shirts can help eliminate that one bit of stress in your day. You'll feel like you've got this breastfeeding thing down. When baby cries you can feel good that you'll be able feed easily without any fussing on your end.
  1. Doing something for YOU will make you feel a little pampered. When you find something cute for baby, you can’t resist getting it for your sweet little one. It’s time to do that for yourself. And come on, after all the effort you’re putting in to make sure that baby is clothed, fed, washed and happy, you deserve it!

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