Frustrated By Nursing? You're Not Alone

You know you're feeding your baby with exactly the right amount of nutrition that she needs when you breastfeed her. The trouble is, that isn't always enough to get you through the tough times. Once you and baby get into the swing of things -- she cries, you come, she feeds, everyone's happy -- you feel a sense of accomplishment. And rightfully so! Your sore, bleeding nipples, the sleepless nights, etc, are a testament to your tenacity, your absolute unwavering determination to make nursing happen.

But then breastfeeding becomes habit. Sometimes a habit, unfortunately, can get in the way of things. For example, now that you're not spending time focusing on making sure nursing and pumping are going perfectly well (since you know they are) maybe you've realized you haven't gone out with friends on a weeknight in four months. Perhaps it just dawned on you that your friends with older children or none at all have the freedom to come and go as they please but you're stuck, chained to a rocking chair, until junior has had her fill.

This, my friend, is one of those tough times in the breastfeeding journey. You feel like you're behind lock and key. Even though the pain and the anxiety is almost forgotten, you're starting to feel a twinge of nostalgia for the life you once had, before a baby was permanently suckling on your boob. (At least you get to breastfeed in stylish nursing tops and pumping shirts!)

Fear not, though, lots of us feel this way for a time. You will eventually come to the realization that you won't be breastfeeding forever. In fact, baby may decide she's done even before you are emotionally ready. 

Everything in your life is magnified and heightened right now. A surge of hormones, lack of sleep and a general turning upside down of a previous life will do that to a person. So when you reach a point of sheer frustration, allow yourself to feel it and know that you're definitely not alone. In a tough moment, try to remember the bond that you and your baby have created. That magical feeling alone is enough to make you calmer...until the next time.

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