8 Tips To Help You Stop Dreading Travel With Baby

Traveling with babyTraveling with baby in general, sucks.

You're in an airplane, a car or a train. He's not pleased to be so confined and why did you take away his high chair and his crib? You're likely on the verge of complete exasperation.

Don't fret. We're here to give you some great tips about traveling with baby. One thing to note is that if your little one is breastfeeding, you've got it easier than the mama who's lugging bottles and formula with her. So revel in that for a second.

1. It's true that sometimes a road trip to Grandma's house might take as much out of you as a flight to Italy to see the leaning tower in Pisa. Seems silly, but the truth is that babies (and many humans in general) crave routine. Take your little one out of her regular schedule and she completely loses her cool. The goal then is to make baby feel as at home as possible. She loves that ratty old bear that needs to be washed? Make sure you have it with you. She likes to nap facedown? Bring a soft pillow that will keep her comfortable.

2. Food. We will elaborate a bit, but this one is pretty self explanatory. If your baby is eating solids, bring and/or buy whatever it is he'd like. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of snacks to keep your little one satiated. Don't try to prevent him from eating that cookie if you know a cookie will keep him quiet. Your primary goal should be to get through that trip without a major meltdown and if that's what a cookie can do, then by all means, Mama, give him that cookie!

3. Food Part Two. Food is also an activity. Throwing food, playing with food, counting food. What color is your cantaloupe? It's orange! If baby is small enough to be nursing exclusively, then breastfeeding will be a wonderful, time consuming activity for you. It's also comforting to baby, so he might just pass right out after a meal.

4. Bring your creativity. Once I spent 30 minutes on a flight showing my baby how to pull the window shade up and down. She was enthralled. We went up and down, over and over again. You never know what you're going to find in your cramped seat that will be amazingly entertaining for your sweetie.

5. Sanitize. (Applies to public transportation) This is, in my opinion, the most important one. Studies show that airplane seats and trays contain so many germs...germs that you don't want your adorable little baby picking up. Bring sanitizing wipes and literally wipe down every inch of your area before you take off.

6. Bring your singing voice and a good repertoire of songs. Singing repetitively will keep your baby so amused. Doing hand gestures of "The Wheels on the Bus" might even elicit some giggles. Your baby loves the sound of your voice...even if you don't sound as good as Adele. I mean, who does?

7. Get some sleep the night before. If you're a zombie stress-case, baby is going to feed off that negative energy like a zombie would feed off, well, you know...If you're relaxed and slightly energized, you'll feel empowered to take on this challenge. 

8. They say it's important to enjoy the journey. TAKE NOTE: That platitude does not apply when traveling with a baby. Your goal is getting there. Just focus on filling the time and being the best darn entertainer you can be. Then when you arrive at your destination, hand off the baby and go take a nap!


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