When Ramadan Begins, Keep On Breastfeeding

Ramadan begins this week and Muslim moms who are breastfeeding no doubt have questions.

Can I fast and still have enough breastmilk?

Will fasting leave me too tired?

I feel torn between my faith and caring for my baby. What should I do?

Photo credit: Zignat Abdisubhan, salamstock.com


While Muslim women who are nursing are permitted not to fast during Ramadan, they are required to make up the missed days later on.

States IslamicVoice.com: “The evidence for this is that both Sahih Muslim and Bukhari narrated that Anas bin Malik al-ka’bi said that Muhammad (Pbuh) said, “Allah (SWT) relieved the traveller from fasting and part of the prayer, and the pregnant woman and the suckling woman from fasting.”


According to Suckled Sunnah -- a wonderful blog dedicated to Muslim women and breastfeeding --  

There are numerous way to keep up milk supply and participate in fasting during Ramadam.

Some key points to remember from the thorough list include keeping hydrated, staying calm and asking for help if mom begins to feel overwhelmed.


As blog writer Latonia mentions, many nursing women give up breastfeeding altogether due to fasting for Ramadan. It’s important for new moms to realize that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Gathering a support network of other moms, especially ones who are nursing, will undoubtedly create an easier time of things.

Sticking to your beliefs and a breastfeeding schedule will likely be a challenge, but it is one that can certainly be met.


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