Breastfeeding Can Be Done!

So many moms try to breastfeed their newborns but for various reasons, they can't.

We hear a lot that many moms just don't make enough milk.

Did you know that if any placenta is left in mom's body that milk production may be halted?

Did you know that if mom has had chest surgery in her youth, nerve damage could be the culprit?

We hear a lot that many babies can't seem to latch correctly.

Did you know that sometimes baby has a tongue tie or a lip tie preventing the latch?

Did you know that sometimes mom's nipples need to elongate more to improve the latch?

It's times like these that a woman needs to seek out extra help. It’s best she contact a lactation expert who can think outside the box and come up with hypotheses to test.

Whether the trouble is with milk production or latch, a wait-and-see approach is not the way to go. Mom is probably in pain every time she tries to nurse and baby is likely not gaining the weight he should be.

Some tenacious women may decide that pumping is the way to go and they’ll pump eight times daily to provide their little one with breast milk.

But for others, it is at this crossroads that they decide to give up on the breastfeeding journey for good. They decide that it’s too difficult to endure and that giving baby formula will be much easier. After all, it will guarantee that their infant is getting the nourishment needed to grow.

And that’s ok.

We, as moms, have enough guilt to deal with. Shaming someone for not breastfeeding is just a horrific thing to do.

Let’s turn the conversation on its head. What if all moms could breastfeed even if the latch trouble or milk production problems existed at the beginning?

We, at Udderly Hot Mama, believe it really is possible. That's why we try to make it easier and more stylish with our nursing tops and pumping shirts. We want you to succeed!

What did moms do 200, 500 or 1000 years ago? They breastfed, right?!?!

So can you.

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