So Strange: I Go By 'Mom' Now

I'm a mom. More importantly, I'm somebody's mom. It's a strange thing to say to yourself and even stranger to hear it out loud. When you say "my son" or "my daughter" you probably giggle at how surreal your life has become. But with becoming a mom, you might also experience real anxiety.

For example, you're walking down the street pushing baby in your luxe new stroller and for some reason you start to picture some criminal stealing it and running off in the other direction. You know rationally that isn't going to happen but you can't shake the sharp image in your mind's eye. 

Crazy, right?! Fear not. You're certainly not alone. Many moms will tell you they've had similar scary thoughts. You've joined a sisterhood of millions. 

When women become moms they are automatically inducted into this group. As a member, you will get free advice (sometimes it's unsolicited advice) and support (that's the best part). You can also tap the vast resources for anything else you might need -- childcare, housekeeping and the like. 

Sometimes we, as moms, feel all alone. Especially in the wee hours of the night when you're feeding a newborn it's so easy to feel like there's no one who's ever been in your shoes. 

But really, we all have. 

Next time you are breastfeeding in the middle of the night, listening to the sounds of sucking and other nighttime noises, remember that there are so many other women just like you. They're probably even be wearing our nursing tops and pumping shirts :)

Mommyhood is a great community to be part of. But with it comes a ton of responsibility. Not just to your own baby but to the moms of the future. So if you can, pay it forward to other new moms if you ever see them struggling. 

You'll feel rewarded and they'll feel more confident as they embark on their motherhood journey.

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