To Pump and Dump, Or Not Pump and Dump

I have never pumped and dumped. There's been a bit of guilt associated with that since I really never wanted to pass any trace of alcohol onto my baby through breastfeeding. But I still haven't done it. 

The thought of coming home, slightly tipsy, and pulling out a breast pump just doesn't sound appealing to me. The only things I want when I'm feeling a little buzzed is food and sleep. Not breast pump. 

For moms who really want to check the alcohol level of their breast milk, a cool product called Milkscreen by the folks at UpSpring Baby exists. It's a strip that you squirt your milk right onto to detect how much, if any, alcohol is in it.

Since I'm in my mid thirties, I like to think that I won't go out and get intoxicated. But, if I do, it's good to know there's something available to stop me from passing it on to baby. It also gives me a good excuse to go out sporting Udderly Hot Mama nursing tops and pumping shirts at night. 

That said, as a general rule, I don't drink a lot until my baby is weaned. It's a personal preference really, but it's one I stick to.

I also don't drink at all when I'm pregnant (well, when after I find out I'm pregnant). But I think that mamas who do have every right to do what they want.

Remember that whatever you choose to do, it's your decision, so own it. Don't let someone tell you what to do with your body!

Have you pumped and dumped? Why did you decide to do it? Do you think it helped?

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