What's so great about breast milk?

Ever find yourself asking, what's so great about breast milk? That thought may creep into your mind in the wee hours of the night when you'd rather be drooling on your pillow than having a baby on your breast.

But the answer is, a lot.*

There are many things about breast milk that make it great for baby. Here are just some of the benefits, according to La Leche League.

First of all, it's nutritious. It contains the right amounts of protein, fat, carbs and vitamins (except vitamin D) that baby needs. It even changes as baby gets older and from feeding to feeding. Can you think of any other type of food that knows what you need? That donut doesn't.

Breast milk has also been shown to boost your babe's immune system. It can combat things like obesity and asthma. Imagine if you caught a horrible flu but baby didn't because you breastfed him? You'd feel pretty wonderful about that!

Your milk also helps your infant's vision and cognitive function. You are helping baby see better and become smart. Go you!

One non-scientific benefit is, of course, the price. Breast milk is FREE. When you think about all the equipment that you have to buy for baby -- diapers, wipes, clothes, swings, and the list goes on -- isn't it nice to know that you can feed her for free?

Now go spend that money on something for you!

*Thanks to La Leche League for posting an article from the Nebraska Area Leader's Letter. 

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