Getting Braver About Nursing in Public

When I went into labor with my first baby, I came to the hospital as a pretty modest person.

A friend of mine had convinced me that her OBGYN was the best so I'd gone to him. That was a big leap for me. I'd never thought I'd let a man (other than someone I was dating or married to) do any sort of investigating down there. But I'd swallowed my pride and I was actually pleased with how great a doctor he was. It didn't hurt that he was head of the department at Hershey Medical Center in PA. 

Still, I arrived at the hospital trying not to think about the fact that my lady parts, if you will, would be the main focus of the event. In the end, I wasn't able to have a vaginal delivery. But that doesn't mean that I was on display for the world to see. My baby's heart rate dropped to a dangerously low level, and I was wheeled into the operating room in a rather compromising position. I had to beg for someone to cover me up before I left the semi-privacy of the labor and delivery room.

When I left the hospital, I had lost a lot of my modesty. Strangely though, I was still embarrassed about nursing in public. As time wore on and my baby and I got the hang of the nursing thing, I became less fearful about breastfeeding in the public sphere. I always made sure to have something covering me up though.

Now however, with baby No. 2, all bets are off. I, honestly, don't care if strangers see my boobs! That sounds pretty silly but to me, it's all about feeding and not about sexy. When my son is hungry, he's going to get his milk. I don't care who's watching, staring, snarling or what have you. 

Still, I don't just whip out a breast for all to see. I wear Udderly Hot Mama breastfeeding shirts every day and use the inner flap to cover the top so the general public doesn't even realize that I'm nursing. 

I'm not advocating for all nursing moms to be running around half naked in public (to each her own, of course) but I am suggesting that we as women look to each other for courage and strength when it comes to feeding baby outside the privacy of your own home.

So remember Hot Mama: you can feed baby wherever you need to and it's going to be all right!