Udderly Pissed Off

As women, we own any bovine references regarding nursing. We know that as our nurslings suckle, we are giving them the best nutrition we can. We are also creating an incredible bond that’s unlike any other in this world.

So if we want to compare ourselves, albeit jokingly, to any members of the animal kingdom, then we absolutely have that right.

Udderly Hot Mama is one such cutesy example. I know that I’m not a cow. I know that you’re not a cow. But boy when I’m nursing do I feel like I’m a cow on call sometimes. I don’t think of myself as a large, spotted animal that chews its cud. I simply think of myself as a milking machine, and a cow is the logical comparison with its large udders.

Nevertheless, no matter what association I make or you make to the animal kingdom does NOT give anyone else the right to do so in a negative, condescending and downright rude way.

In a recent lawsuit filed (and settled) by a woman who needed to pump at work, she claims that her co-workers Mooed at her because of it.

The article on People.com goes on to say that the woman was forced to pump in a supply room and that her colleagues said and did other inappropriate things to her.

All because she’s a mom trying to make a living and give her child a good start in life.

While her co-workers found expressing milk to be gross, we at Udderly Hot Mama call their behavior gross. Supremely terribly awfully gross. Ok that’s a lot of adverbs. But you can feel the anger, can’t you?

It’s not as though moms are pumping because it feels good. I’ve never met a woman who said, “I find pumping so pleasurable. It’s better than chocolate.” Give me a break!

Women pump because they have to. There’s no way they can be home with their baby and be at work simultaneously. It’s a real shame that women are forced to work in such environments. Being shamed because of the most natural thing in the world.

Well I say, shame on her (now former) co-workers. Let’s hope she finds a place to work where Neanderthals are not also employed. Sadly, that place may not exist.