Taking Newborn Pics is Not an Easy Feat

When I had my first baby, my head was in a fog. I'd been pumped full of all sorts of drugs and was taking more narcotics (legal of course) for post c section pain. The few moms I knew at the time had recommended I set up a photoshoot ahead of time so that I could get the perfect newborn photos of my little girl. But I was so superstitious that I refused to tempt fate with such a plan and then once she came, I didn't have the wherewithal to make any commitments at all. 

(Photo by His and Her Photo)
So alas, there are no professional photos of my daughter as a newborn. That's not to say there aren't cute pics of her from practically every single day of the first year of her life. There are. They just aren't the Ann Geddes type that I love. 

Second time around though, I made a plan. Sure I was superstitious. In fact, a complication early on in my pregnancy made me more so. But I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful baby photog while I was pregnant who assured me all would be fine. 

Baby number 2 was a little older than the typical age for baby photoshoots. He was about 3 weeks old. But thanks to the amazing work of Chyanne Macaluso, he stayed sleeping in the poses in which she placed him. Now I have the most beautiful pictures of my infant son that I think could be used for ads so sell anything. Yes, I think he's that cute. No, I'm not biased. 

What really surprised me was how much work and tenacity goes into w baby photoshoot. I guess I'd never really thought about it before. I figured the baby lies there and the person snaps pics. That's not exactly how it goes. 

First of all, what parent doesn't want nudie pics of their little bundle? But sans diaper means pee and poop abound. I felt so guilty when my baby sprinkled all over Chyanne's shirt but she seemed unfazed. There's also the issue of babies not staying asleep in these adorably contorted positions. Chyanne spent a good hour rocking and patting my little guy until he was out. I had no idea that I would learn new baby comforting techniques from the photographer! So once the bladder is empty and baby is asleep, the the photographer can get to work, right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes the lighting isn't right or the pose doesn't work and she has to reposition everything without waking the baby. Let's just say this is not a job for someone without incredible patience and attention to detail. 

My ode to the baby photographer would not be complete without a mention of what I did during the shoot. I was not standing there pretending to be an art director or playing publicist to the newborn. Nope. I took a nap. I knew my baby was in good hands and I passed out within minutes. 

Pictures are an investment. And you get an uninterrupted nap out of the deal. What could be more perfect?!?!