How To Announce Your Pregnancy To Friends

It used to be the case that if you were pregnant, you could make the announcement that you’re pregnant by saying “I’m pregnant” or writing something to that effect on your social media page.

Celebrities now take to instagram to tell the world they’re with child in a cutesy picture. Country music sensation Carrie Underwood posted a pic of herself and her two pooches. Each dog sporting a t-shirt to alert her fans that it would soon have a younger, human sibling. 

(Photo credit: Carrie Underwood)

But with the advent of Pinterest and the sheer cleverness of some parents-to-be, moms and dads are taking the baby-on-board announcement to a whole new level.  

Take my friend Laura, for example. She opted for a coffee-themed pregnancy notice. One morning, her hundreds of Facebook friends woke up to a photo with a caption that something is “brewing” at her house.

(Photo credit: Laura McConnell)

I had been one of the lucky ones to be told of the baby joy prior to the official Facebook declaration (and let’s face it, nothing is truly official until it’s on Facebook these days). So I got the chance just to sit and marvel at the brilliance behind the message. I wanted to pepper her with questions about how she came up with such an ingenious way to proclaim she was preggers.

But then I realized I was probably thinking too hard about it. The point is, she totally nailed it.

I have never had the chance to come up with a fun way to make a big pregnancy splash. Well, it’s not that I haven’t had the chance, it’s that I’ve chosen not to.

I fall into the category of women who don’t like being pregnant. I also fall into the smaller subset of women who’ve had a scare during the pregnancy and are also hyper superstitious so they don’t want to tell anyone they’re pregnant unless they have to. (That might be a really small group).

Now I’m making my big announcement. No I’m not pregnant. The truth is, I am scared until I hit 36 weeks. So I spend roughly 30 weeks in a state of worry (and nausea/exhaustion). Everything that could possibly ever go wrong comes to my mind and I wish away the days and weeks because all I want is to know that my baby is safe and in my arms.

I love when women tell me they love being pregnant. I can’t relate, but it’s nice to know that there are people out there for whom the very mention of getting pregnant doesn't elicit fear and post-traumatic stress.

Don't get me wrong, though. I don’t think I’m done having babies. So I’ll probably suffer through the 9 months of treachery again. And yes, I’ll complain and be a terrified, miserable and ever-expanding person. But the reward will be immeasurable.

There will not, however, be a social media announcement. I’d rather play it a la Ellen Pompeo and post a new baby photo with a caption that reads “Here’s why you haven’t seen or heard from me for the past 9 months. Don’t worry, all is now well with the world.”

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