Mom Confession: 10 Reasons Why I Feel Guilty (in no particular order)

1. My 2.5 year old watches TV and movies every single day. A lot of the time, I suggest we watch something because then I know she’ll sit in one place and give me time to take care of my infant. At first, I put her in front of the TV to watch Sesame Street videos because I was very ill from my pregnancy. I made myself feel better by telling myself it was educational. But how educational is “Despicable Me” or “Frozen”? Not.

2. I don’t always use baby wipes when my kids pee in their diapers. I heard from a doctor friend of mine that it’s ok to do that but sometimes I feel like maybe I should clean off the pee anyway. But then I think about how I’m saving money by not using so many and I keep going in circles.

3. My 2.5 year old is actually two months shy of 3 years old and she has no interest in potty training. No matter what I do - read books about it, play videos, etc - she’s just apathetic. I’ve been teaching her the steps of using the bathroom forever. She even acts as my valet sometimes and hands me the toilet paper. But I just can’t get her to try it.

4. Dinner isn’t really dinner. My little one is a picky eater. If she doesn’t like something that I’ve actually gotten her to try, she’ll spit it out on the floor or into my hand, whichever is closer. So I don’t even bother making her a proper dinner anymore. She subsists on apple sauce, cheese strings and toast with butter. She’ll eat a spoon full of peanut butter too. I know she’s getting the necessary nutrition but it’s certainly not a sit down meal.

5. I also let her eat in front of the TV even though I know it’s forming bad habits. My husband was raised with family meals but I wasn’t. I know I’m doing her a disservice and I keep saying I’ll get my act together. But on the other hand, if she wants to eat in front of the TV or not eat at all, I’ll choose the former.

6. I leave my infant in the crib when I need to do things. I know he’s entertained by the lights or the mobile but I feel very guilty that I’m not entertaining him personally. There’s just so much to do when you’re running after another little one that I take advantage of the fact that he can’t go anywhere. I secretly don’t even want him to start rolling over yet.

7. I should cut my children’s nails more often than I do. I don’t want the baby to scratch himself but keeping up with that is such a chore. For my daughter, when her nails get longer than they should be, I beg her to let me cut them. But she’ll only allow it when it suits her. So I wait until she gives me the go-ahead.

8. When both my kids and my husband go to sleep for the night, I don’t. I know I should but I need that me time to catch up on the shows on my DVR. I also like to snack. I should get more sleep but being awake is way more fun. The night owl in me doesn’t really jive with the motherhood thing.

9. My house isn’t clean. I try to pick up after myself and the kids. I’m really the messiest of us all. But no matter what I do, the house never seems to be the spotless abode I hope for. How do other people do it? I don’t know how to keep it clean. I wish everything had a place. So far, it doesn’t. And we just keep accumulating more crap.

10. Sometimes I think I have the parenting thing down pat. Then I realize I am just faking it. Fake it till you make it, right?!? I wish kids came with instruction manuals...

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