Breastfeeding Round Two

When I took my new baby to my breast to feed for our first time I had no idea what I was doing.

In my defense, I had taken the optional three-hour breastfeeding class offered by the hospital in advance of my due date. I'd read the materials and watched closely as the instructor showed us what to do. I paid attention to the videos that were clearly shot in the 80s and featured some pretty interesting looking naked women. I thought I had a clue. But I really didn't.

A lactation consultant came by my hospital room to make sure feeding was going well. My newborn daughter was latching well but it hurt me so much I was sure we were doing it wrong. 

The LC offered me a clear plastic nipple size enhancer which she said would help. I didn't use it though. I was determined to breastfeed on my own terms. And so I did. 

It took about three weeks for the pain to subside. Once it did, nursing felt good. It continued to feel good for a long time. When my daughter turned a year, I felt like is accomplished something great. But I was starting to feel ready to have my body back as my own. When she was 15 months, we were completely done nursing. 

On one hand, I was happy to be free of nursing bras (Udderly Hot Mama didn't even exist at the time!). But I also missed nursing her. I'd see photos on blogs and Facebook of moms with their babies and I'd long for that closeness I had with her. 

It took half a year before I wasn't missing breastfeeding at all. And that was just around the time I got pregnant again!

Now I'm nursing baby No. 2. Even though he's a different child, he took to nursing like his sister did. The difference was, I knew what I was doing. 

From the first moment, he latched. He's also a much faster eater. So I'm not sitting for hour-plus long feedings anymore. 

I am definitely enjoying it this time too. But I'm not stressed about having to feed him in public. Not only am I wearing my fabulous Udderly Hot Mama nursing tops, but I'm also less worried about what people think. Last week, I nursed him at a bookstore just in my top, no cover. The insert covers enough that I felt completely comfortable doing that. 

I look forward to nursing my baby and feeling cute while doing it now. I hope all new moms get to enjoy it like I am during round 2.

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