Thank you for your service, Military Wives and Girlfriends

On this Memorial Day, let us remember those soldiers who’ve fought on behalf of our country to keep us safe. Thank you for your service doesn’t really say enough.  These brave men and women leave their families behind to fight in dangerous places to make sure Americans, as in civilians, will never have to live in a war torn country.  

But on this Memorial Day, let us also honor Military Wives and Girlfriends. Brave women who keep the home front operating efficiently and effectively despite their lingering fears and insecurities about the safety of their boyfriends, partners and husbands.

They get pregnant knowing their partner might not be home to meet their babies, or worse, may never make it home. They raise their brood as single moms for many months trying to keep a calmness about the household when they don’t know what the future holds for their family.

These strong, heroic women fight a battle every day. They push themselves to keep going, when many of us would not be able fight on under such tenuous circumstances.

And even when their other half returns, he may not be the man they once knew. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a severe mental health issue that can impact the soldier and his whole family. But Military Mates keep living. They keep their children’s lives as normal as possible and work to get their partner help.

These women give tirelessly of themselves and don’t receive a purple heart for their valor. They do it for love.

So today, we salute you, Military Wives and Girlfriends. Thank you for your service to the men and women who guard our country. We could not do it without you.

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