Happy Mother's Day to All Moms

It’s the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day and boy do we have a lot to celebrate.

The woman who raised you deserves a lot of kudos, don't you think? In his 1914 Presidential Proclamation, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an officially recognized holiday in the U.S. Although the day has become more commercialized than officially intended, the basic tenets still remain. It’s a day for busy adults to stop and reflect on the importance of their mom in their lives. It’s a day for children to show their affection and appreciation through fun art projects and breakfast in bed.

Is it sad that one needs a designated day to remember to recognize mom for all she does? Some might say yes. But it does force people to acknowledge what every stay-at-home mom and working mom need to hear:

Thank you mom for all that you do. You bust your butt every single day to make sure I’m fed, watered, slept, clothed, educated and well-rounded. Your happiness is based on my happiness. You provide me with unconditional love. I test that love daily but you never waver. Even though you love many people, you always make me feel like I’m the most important in your life. You brought me into the world/adopted me into your family/fostered me and without your continued support, I wouldn’t be thriving the way I am. Sometimes I disappoint you. I don’t mean to but it’s just a part of growing up. Even as an adult I disappoint you. Please know I’m still growing up. Sometimes it’s hard for me to express my feelings because I never learned how/don’t feel comfortable doing it. Please remember that no matter what I say or do to make you feel otherwise, Mom, I feel lucky to have you in my corner. I love you.

Of course, this is just one writer’s take on what moms want to be told. There are certainly some things omitted that other moms need to hear.

While you are celebrated by your family this May 11th, remember to acknowledge the moms around you – friends, relatives, your own mother – because they too need that buoying up on this important day.

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