Congratulations! It's a...cake???

A fun trend that’s growing around the country is the Gender Reveal Party. The premise of such a soiree is that moms- and dads-to-be find out the sex of their baby when they cut into a cake and find either blue or pink icing.

Or if it’s twins, they may find both shades in their confection.

I had the opportunity to attend such a party. The mom-to-be had made shirts for all the guests. The blue Ts said Team Boy and the pink Ts said Team Girl.

The couple’s best friends had taken the sealed envelope revealing the baby’s sex to a local bakery and instructed them how to make such a cake. But at this party, the friends decided to be “funny”. They got two cakes.

The first one was a brown and white marble cake that left the parents-to-be and their guests rather befuddled. Once the friends owned up to the joke they brought out the real pastry. It revealed that these two were going to be the proud parents of a baby boy.

My reason for attending the party was not as a guest. I was a reporter doing a story for a local newspaper about the trend. I had a wonderful time at the party though. The guests’ reactions were priceless. There was so much energy in the air and when the blue frosting became visible, everyone cheered. I heard “I knew it” all around me.

What struck me most though happened after the story ran. Some readers were upset by the whole idea of such a party. First of all, a few didn’t like the fact that it’s called a gender reveal party, since gender boundaries are no longer so rigid. They preferred the word gender to be replaced by the word sex.

Of course, then you’re getting into dangerous territory by inviting your parents and closest friends to a sex reveal party which has a much different connotation.

Another problem some had with such an event is gender stereotyping. Why does blue have to be for a boy? What if my son likes pink? Some parents work very hard to bring up a gender-neutral child in order to combat the exact labels that blue and pink icing are endorsing.

I decided when I had my daughter that I would not make everything pink. One of my favorite outfits to dress her in was this adorable blue shirt with matching striped pants. She, however, on her own has gravitated toward pink. So much so that she will request an all pink outfit on most days. Doesn’t matter if the pinks match. The clothes just need to be that shade.

Clearly the sex-of-the-baby-revelation party is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who want a fun way to find out what they’re having, I say, go for it!

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