Is it Team Breastfeeding vs. Team Formula?

Does it sometimes feel like you’re Team Breastfeeding and your friend is Team Formula?

Nursing tops are our business so we obviously believe in breastfeeding but that doesn’t mean we think that women who choose to give their babies formula are any less of a mother. Any mom who has ever breastfed knows that it isn’t as though you just put your baby on your breast and baby suckles and you ride off into the sunset. It’s hard work and often very painful.

You (and baby) can develop all sorts of nasty ailments at the beginning of the journey. Even if you’re lucky enough to only suffer from discomfort and occasional scabbing, it still isn’t a no-brainer activity. You’ll learn all sorts of things you didn’t know about yourself going into this childbearing endeavor, like one of your nipples is actually longer than the other or one of your breasts just can’t produce the same amount of milk as the other. But you can’t let such “flaws” color your feelings toward the whole thing. Nothing worth having comes too easily. And within a couple of months you and baby will most likely be on your way to breastfeeding bliss.

Unfortunately though, for some new moms, they try and suffer and beat themselves up but eventually for the health of the baby and themselves, they either have to supplement with formula or give up nursing entirely. Does that make them a bad mom? Of course not! But with all those hormones flying around, their self-esteem is likely low.

Formula exists for a reason. It’s a necessity in our society. Some moms choose never to breastfeed right off the bat and need it to feed their infants right away. Some moms don’t make enough milk or can’t breastfeed and need to supplement their milk with formula. Isn’t it great that options exist?

To be sure, both “teams” have benefits. Moms who opt for formula right away can have a cocktail whenever they want, they never have to pump, they don’t leak through blouses and if they have another caregiver, they can sleep through the night!

On the flip side, moms who choose to nurse don’t have to warm up a bottle in the middle of the night, their breasts have incredible bounce and cleavage, and they get to experience the most wonderful bond two people can ever share: that of nourishing your young from your own body.

Moms need to remember that whatever choice they make, it’s their choice alone. Ignore that naysayers and do what’s best for you and your baby. You know best.

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