Remembering Your Freedom

Losing your freedom as a parent

Hey Mama, do you remember what it was like to truly feel free?

No baby attached to your breast. Breastfeeding, what's that all about?? No diaper bag to pack. Staying out late and sleeping in with no consequences. A full night’s sleep in general. No one else’s health and wellbeing to think about but your own…


Sounds like the good old days a little, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d known what the feeling of such great responsibility would be like while you were still unencumbered? 

Talk about never taking your freedom for granted.

You’d already glimpsed what life would eventually be like so you’d be able to completely enjoy the present.

Or would you?

Sometimes knowing the future isn’t such a great idea. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to relax knowing what was to come. Or maybe you’d be too afraid to pull the trigger to ever have kids. 

Then you’d end up missing out on the best thing that ever happened to you.

So yes, you’re exhausted and overwhelmed and completely. True freedom is a thing of the , for now. You may look back on the past with a fondness, maybe even a longing. It’s sometimes hard to face the tough truth head on, but you’re a grown up now. And you’re in charge of another human being forever.

But the truth is, you probably wouldn’t change your current situation for anything.


The minute you see your little one’s shining face, smiling back at you, forgetaboutit.


You’re hooked.