It's Like A Desert In My Mouth!

Breastfeeding can make your mouth so dryDoes your mouth feel like the Sands of Time the minute you start breastfeeding?

The dryness comes on, out of nowhere. It's so quick. Your mouth goes from perfectly moist to a desert in no time at all.

Dehydration can happen fast when you're nursing. You might also experience a headache. 

Good news though, the trouble will clear up with an easy solution: H2O.

Drinking water while you nurse is a great way to combat the dry mouth problem. 

Looking for a way to get your little one's daddy involved in the breastfeeding journey? Make the water fetching his job. 

You can also keep bottles of water nearby your nursing spots. It's not inconceivable that at some point you will find yourself alone with the little one latched on, meaning you'll be stuck in that position for the foreseeable future.

Needing to quench your thirst but being unable to reach your water really is the worst. So before you sit down for that feeding, make sure to be armed with as many hydration aids as possible. 

Before I had a baby, I was never a big water drinker. Afterward, I jokingly thought about buying stock in Evian.

It's amazing how your body is nourishing another person. Your breast milk is keeping them satiated and healthy. At the same time though, it can be taxing on you.

The obvious ways are the painfulness of breastfeeding and the exhaustion you experience from feeding a baby around the clock. 

Dry mouth is one of the more benign yet still annoying negatives about breastfeeding. Eventually, though, the dehydration symptoms (and many of the other ones) go away.