Your Ideal Mother's Day

mother's day is a day for you

What does the perfect Mother's Day look like to you?

Are you curled up in bed with hot tea and your journal or out at a spa getting a facial and hot stone massage?

Just as every snowflake is different, so is every mama.

Some moms want to wake up to breakfast in bed and spend the whole day with their little ones. Other moms want to forget they even have offspring.

Both of these scenarios do not deserve judgment!

We mamas work terribly hard every single day. To say that being a mother is a full time job is actually an understatement. Do you know of any other job that's actually a 24 hour, 7-day-a-week gig with no vacations? We don't either.

So mama, however you choose to spend your special day, we applaud you for all you do. Take time to enjoy yourself. Relax a bit. Do what makes you happy. And for goodness sake, SLEEP IN!!