Trusting Yourself Is Paramount

blank page can be dauntingFor anyone who's ever had to write anything, from a term paper to a news article, a blank page can be a daunting thing to look at. 

It isn't until you've begun jotting down notes or at least got one paragraph completed that you start to feel a little more at ease. Like, I've got this.

In a lot of ways, a baby is like that blank piece of paper. She doesn't come with instructions, so you really might not know where to begin. That's where the whole notion of trusting your instincts comes into play.

Your mom might offer you some guidance but your mother-in-law swears that doing the exact opposite will be best for baby. 

There are also a great many websites, blogs and viral videos that we mamas turn to for advice about what we're supposed to do.

If you take each thing as gospel, you're sure to end up with seriously conflicting information, some of which could be more harmful than helpful.

Breastfeeding, for example, is seriously complex at first. You've never done it before. Baby's never done it before. And even though there is an element of nature, you still may need help from a Lactation Consultant to get nursing going smoothly.

But sure enough, after some time and practice, you and your little one will get the hang of it.

Best advice we can offer: trust your gut and ask for help. You're the mom. You'll know what to do.