Stop And Smell The Baby

mom stops to enjoy it allWhen you have a new baby, you often find yourself completely overwhelmed. Even a not-so-difficult task, like learning how to use a breast pump, can be totally confounding. 

But there are also other aspects to new mommy hood that can be a good surprise. I'm not talking about the new baby and how much you love him. I'm talking about the forced down time.

Breastfeeding can be very painful at first. It can also be frustrating. But moms everywhere will tell you they manage to overcome that eventually. And what's left is this amazing, peaceful time you are spending nourishing and cuddling your sweet little one.

Nursing can be a time for you to stop and smell the baby, so to speak. To think about how enriched your life has become now that someone calls you (or at least will soon call you) Mom. To remind yourself not to sweat the small stuff. To look down at this little miracle and appreciate all you have.

When I was nursing my first baby, I found myself embroiled in a legal battle over unemployment compensation that was not actually my fault. I would sit and stew about the issue while breastfeeding until one day I decided it was time to stop. What will be, will be, I reminded myself but this little baby won't be little forever. I made a conscious effort not to think of anything but her while I nursed. It worked. I won the case and never looked back. Nor did I miss any moment of breastfeeding bliss with my sweet babe.

Stress can creep up on you. But if you promise yourself that nursing time is special, it can be. And boy will you reap the rewards.