Say Yes To The Nursing Dress!

Brides go through so much drama to find the perfect wedding dress. Questions like: Is it the right shade of white? Do you think my fiancé will like it? Does my butt look good? fly through their minds every time they try on another gown. But the most important one: Is this the one?

Breastfeeding moms don't quite have the luxury to go to several stores to try on nursing dresses. Chances are, they're at home, unable to leave for various reasons - c section, exhaustion, new baby! - so they turn to online shopping.

Trouble is, how do they know what it will look like on them? That's why at Udderly Hot Mama, we make it our business to ensure you're going to feel good in your nursing dress. We have detailed sizing charts for each dress. It's much easier for mom to take her measurements than for her to hit the mall. Then we send the nursing dress right to her door. 

It's such a great feeling for a nursing mama to walk into her closet in the morning knowing that she'll put on something that makes her feel beautiful and is totally breastfeeding and pumping friendly. Having a new baby is exciting and overwhelming. We aim to make the getting dressed and nursing part of mom's day an effortless and stylish one.

Shop our nursing wear collection today!


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