The Art of Napping

Napping mom who breastfeedsBabies nap. It's a thing that everyone knows and accepts. But adults? They aren't really supposed to nap. Sometimes moms who mention that they're going to nap will get dirty looks and snide comments from others. Is it jealousy? Perhaps. Or is it taboo for those over the age of 5 to take a nap?

We've all heard the old adage, nap when the baby naps. But that really isn't easy to do. Who is supposed to cook, clean and if baby isn't our first, take care of the rest of the brood?

But if, by some miracle, you are able to nap when your little one does, we say, DO IT!!! Do it and have absolutely no remorse.

In Spain, there's siesta for a reason. Not all humans are programmed to go go go throughout the day without a mental health break. That crash you feel around 3pm in which you debate whether you should have caffeine or a snack could easy be replaced by a refreshing nap.

We often read about meditation and that's socially acceptable, so couldn't napping become an accepted form of relaxation too? If you're a breastfeeding mom, then you know that nursing can be so soporific that all you want to do is crawl into bed after baby has fallen asleep. Why fight it?

Granted, sometimes you'll emerge from a nap crankier than when you went to sleep. Unfortunately we never outgrow that. Still a nap should never be turned down.

The laundry can wait. You could always order a pizza. But you can't always get time for shuteye. Take it while you can get it!