Why The Pumping Mama is Triumphant




Breast pump

This is a true story.

A 20-something woman gave birth to her first child, a beautiful girl with a full head of hair. As wonderful as this baby was, no matter what she tried and what help she sought, this mama couldn't get her baby to latch. So in order to stick to her plan to give her daughter breastmilk for the first six months of life, this mom pumped eight times a day, every day. 


Can you imagine what that was like? The stress alone of cleaning the breast pump in between pumping sessions could be enough to push someone (who is already overwhelmed) over the top!

Certainly there were tons of bottles to clean and flanges to sterilize.

And think of the time spent pumping? The repetitive sucking/grunting sound heard as mom attempts to do other things while she is extracting her breast milk. 

When a baby is breastfed, mom may spend a long time feeding baby, but when she's done, she can check that feed off the list. 

When a pumping mom pumps, she spends the time pumping and then she (in the above story) also spends the time feeding baby! Unless she has help, in which case, baby can enjoy the fruits of mom's labor without mom having to be there.

We applaud you, pumping mamas! Pumping takes dedication, tenacity and perseverance and you should take a moment to recognize your undying efforts to nourish your baby the way you want to. 


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