To Each Her Own...Right?

If there's one thing that can get breastfeeding mamas voicing their opinions, it's the topic of nursing in public.


Many women are perfectly happy to #nip without using something to cover themselves and baby. They see it as their right to feed their child whenever and however they choose. They are of the mindset that they wouldn’t want to eat under a blanket, so why should their child have to?

Some mamas are unsure about the whole breastfeeding in public thing. They will do it if necessary, i.e. baby is screaming and there's no way she'll wait till they get home. But these moms are often more comfortable wearing something to cover up the nursing session. They may choose a nursing cover or throw a blanket over top their shoulder. They likely don't feel that secure about the whole idea.

And others prefer not to breastfeed outside the home at all. They may be ok nursing in a fitting room at a store or in a designated private breastfeeding area in a mall or airport. But that's it. These mamas may also pack bottles with them on an outing with baby.

Can you identify with any of these moms?


When one woman says she doesn't like to "whip out" her breast in public, another mama might be gravely offended. The rebuttal may read: "how could she perpetuate a stereotype of whipping out a boob when all we're doing is feeding our babies?"

Is there a right answer? Nope.

You get to decide what makes you feel most comfortable when it comes to nursing in the public sphere.


However, it would be great if all nursing moms could agree on this: We all do the very best we can for our children, whether that means nursing in public sans cover or only in the privacy of our own homes. 

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