Sexual No More!

Boobs are not sexual after breastfeedingI never thought much about breastfeeding. Like, at all. I can remember my mom breastfeeding my little sisters. I even remember she used to put a safety pin on the bra strap of the side that was for the next feeding. But nursing never really played a large part in my life. 

When my older cousin had a baby, she breastfed in front of me. I remember feeling slightly alarmed by the whole thing. Why was she whipping out a sexual organ in front of me? 

Then it was my turn to have a baby. When I signed up for the obligatory birthing classes, I saw an option for a breastfeeding class as well. I figured, why not?

I sat through the class feeling rather uncomfortable. I was seeing pictures and videos of women's breasts. These are sexual, I kept thinking, why am I being forced to look?

But then something miraculous happened.

I gave birth to my daughter and instinctively put her to my breast. There we were, cuddling and nursing. All of a sudden, there was nothing more natural in the entire world than breastfeeding a baby.

And it would be only a few months until I had a middle of the night breastfeeding epiphany to design stylish, nursing-friendly clothing for new moms.

I credit my daughter with changing my views and providing me with inspiration for this nursing wear venture. I also credit my mother for teaching me that breastfeeding is a normal thing to do, even when I didn't realize she was showing me!