5 Things To Do Before Leaving The House With Baby

Packing up baby and stuff to go on an outingMurphy’s Law dictates that if something can go wrong, it will. Being a new mom who’s sleep-deprived and emotionally overwhelmed, you’re even more susceptible to said law. And so, in order to save you from any more aggravation that you’re already feeling, here are the 5 steps to take before you leave the house with baby.


1. Make sure baby is dressed for the weather. This may be a little more complicated than it sounds. If it’s hot out but baby is under six months old, he is not supposed to wear sunscreen. So a tank top may not be a great idea. Meanwhile, experts say bundling up baby in wintertime is a no-no in the car seat. Bottom line: layers are good. (A side note: If you're going to nurse baby while you're out, dress yourself in a nursing top to ensure a smooth feeding session.)

2. Check your diaper bag. Make sure you have diapers and wipes, diaper cream, a nursing cover, hand sanitizer and definitely pack a change of clothes for baby. Blowouts will happen when you least expect them or at the most inopportune time or both, even if you just changed your little one right before you left.

3. Make a list detailing what you want to accomplish on your excursion. Don’t rely on your memory. That shipped has sailed. Baby brain morphs into mommy brain and you must act accordingly. If you plan to go to the grocery store, don’t leave the food you’ll bring home up to chance. You might even want to make a list of all the places you have to go lest you forget one because baby is screaming in the back.

4. Bring something for you to eat and drink. The last thing a nursing mom should be is hungry or thirsty. You need to keep up your energy and your milk supply. You also may get crazily parched the second you start breastfeeding baby. It’s important to take care of yourself too, even in little ways.

5. Plan your day trip around baby’s schedule as best you can. If at all possible, baby should be fed and napped before you leave home. This will ensure baby is in the most satiated and happy state. Of course, you can always feed on the go. And if baby likes to nap in the car, that works too. When your sweetie is really little, this step might seem like the hardest because some babies eat for 1.5 hours and are hungry 30 minutes later. But you will get thing hang of this. That, we promise!

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