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Top 5 Reasons To Fly With Your Breastfed Baby

Flying with baby doesn't have to be scary. We've got some tips to help make it an easier trip! 1. Airports often give preferential treatment to families with little ones when you have to line up to go through the metal detector. You’ll push your stroller past an hour-long queue and walk right through! These designated lines aren’t always obvious, so be sure to ask someone if you’re eligible to be fast-tracked to the gate. 2. Flight attendants know that traveling with a baby can be challenging and they are there to assist you. If you need to go to the bathroom, chances are, one of them will gladly hold your precious cargo. They may even periodically check in with...

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The Skinny on Losing Baby Weight If You're Breastfeeding

You’ve seen enough photos of postpartum mamas – umm Hi, Jillian Harris in mesh undies – to know that right out of the gate, your body isn’t gonna look like it did pre-pregnancy. We wanted to find out when it’s safe to start really going hard on the weight loss. So we've gathered together the best advice for you here. TIME TO EXERCISE According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, as long as you've had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you can pretty much start exercising as soon as you feel ready. As for the mamas who’ve had extensive tearing during birth or had a c section delivery, it’s recommended you speak to your doctor first. And breastfeeding likely won’t be...

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Where Are All the Nursing Moms on TV?

Have you ever noticed that while you’re watching TV and your little is nursing, you don’t often come across a woman doing that exact same thing on your screen? New moms across the land are doing the Netflix and Nurse thing but the characters on their favorite shows are not. If you see a baby eating, chances are it’s from a bottle or they’re chowing down on solids.  So what gives? THE RULES Well for one thing, the FCC has specific guidelines about this. Now, keep in mind, breastfeeding in public is lawful in many states…but there are certain rules about showing boobs on TV. WCPO in Cincinnati recently came under fire for blurring out imagine of women breastfeeding. The...

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The Three-Week Hurdle of Breastfeeding

By Jillian Franklin I always knew I wanted to nurse my children. When I was pregnant with my first child I had visions of myself sitting in my beautiful new glider chair, next to an open window with sunlight streaming in, listening to the breeze blow through the trees as my tiny newborn quietly drank nature’s perfect food from my body… Nobody told me then how unrealistic my fantasy was. In real life, I nursed in hospital beds, on the couch and in the dressing room at Target. Sunlit windows were replaced with dark bedrooms and my newborn wasn’t always so calm and serene. Reality can be disappointing. I was also never told that if I wanted to succeed at...

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What Breastfeeding is NOT

Breastfeeding is a journey that you and your infant embark upon. In many cases, it's the road less traveled and you are navigating without a map. It can be scary and stressful, frustrating and painful. But it can also be calming, love-filled and even enjoyable. There are, however, many things that nursing is not. Here are some of them: Breastfeeding is NOT easy.  Nope. Not in the least. Not at first anyway. And sometimes, it's never easy. You'd think that with people doing it for thousands of years before us, it would be as simple as breathing.  Breastfeeding is NOT glamorous. I mean, if you look at Olivia Wilde's Glamour Magazine photoshoot then you'd definitely think it is. But it can...

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